Encryption – The new safety word

The remarkable power of Encrypted connections

The remarkable power of Encrypted connections

In response to a readers question we go into this article in an understandable way in on the difference between a VPN connection and the cloud. The question is interesting from the point of view of, for example, an employee who works from home. To carry out certain tasks he must log in via a VPN, other work is then again via a cloud portal. Why that double work? Here we try to answer that question.

Virtual LAN cable. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The flag covers the load perfect: a VPN put a virtual private connection on with a non-local network. That deserves more explanation. We take a hypothetical technology-publishing house as an example.

The publishing house is in the possession of servers. Be important files for the layout and the content of the magazines and the website. The servers take shelter together with the rest of the network behind a firewall. Just as well: the security of critical business infrastructure must now a high priority. Keep the security measures ideally nefarious hackers to the front door.

If an editor is working from home and a text ready for a magazine, that the server. Log in is not just because of the security considerations. The solution: a highly secure connection. A VPN connection you can see as a virtual LAN cable you behind the firewall on the local network and then roll all the way to home. Via software is such a secure connection set up whereby the employee immediately in its corporate network. The network will treat the computer as if that are effective on the ground, and all internet traffic will run via the corporate network.

A VPN has many other applications. Because you’re on a secure way over a network are surfing, it also seems remote for other Web sites on the internet like you on your work and not at home. You can also make a VPN connection to a server abroad set up to it for the rest of the net seem to do that you know from another country surf. That’s interesting, for example, Belgian football to follow through Sporza while you are in the US.


A VPN connection is encrypted. The traffic between your computer and the network is encrypted so that no one can read along. That is another security feature that comes in handy in corporate environments, but is also useful for those who want to surf anonymously without the hot breath of Big Brother in his neck. In business scenarios regulates the IT department how you must log in as a private person, you can appeal on numerous free VPN services such as Tunnelbear, or paying instances that offer better speed as NordVPN.

A VPN can you finally set up from scratch with, for example, a NAS. That NAS does than service as a server to which you connect to the secure remotely. So you can quickly and safely to your home network login and surfing, also from abroad.